About us

People always ask us: 
“So, where are you from?”

And we battle to give them an answer they will understand.
We usually just say that we’re from  South Africa but that almost always leads to the follow up question;
“yes, but where in SA?”

Jacques and I really are citizens of the world. We were fortunate enough to be able to pack up all our worldly belongings early last year and we’ve been travelling ever since. We no longer have what people refer to as a base. Base for us means wherever we have landed up this month. Last month base for us was in Dullstroom, today is Cape Town and next month is Mauritius. We are Digital Nomads. We can work from anywhere in the world.

Our sources of income are generated passively and via the internet so that means that we can literally travel and stay wherever we like provided we have a solid internet connection.
The structure of this book is really simple. First, we lay down a solid foundation; mindset.

Then secondly, we determine an action plan.
Based on that action plan, we can then easily transition into our 3rd phase which is actually achieving your goals.

Watch our story unfold below:

Jacques and I knew right from the start of our relationship that we wanted to live a life most people only ever dream about. We wanted time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom.

We wanted to be completely free to be able to do all the things we wanted to do such as travel the world. About 5 years ago Jacques and I read the book The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. It sounded great and Tim made it sound so easy.

This was finally the “handbook” to success that we had been searching for. We knew that we wanted this lifestyle but in the back of our minds we were sceptical. How on earth could we achieve this? At the time we were both tied down by our jobs and we had financial responsibilities that prohibited us from achieving our goals (or so we thought).

“We wanted this so badly that it became an obsession; a burning desire. And 5 years later, we are finally living our dream.”