How to become a
in South Africa…

& travel the WORLD!

Learn how to implement tools & state
of the art technology, that allows you
to run your business on the go…


Everything you need to know to be able to live a life of a Digital Nomad in 2020.

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Amazing people, amazing lifestyles amazing vision. I have and is still learning so much from this dynamic couple. ???

Lucretia Hitzeroth

July 13

This is an awesome Way-of-Life, especially for folks who love sharing their secrets to enable more folks to live this kind of AWESOME lifestyle…??

Jo Kearney

March 27

Enjoy the journey with highly motivated people showing us the way to
the future

Desiree Edwards

March 16

You’re ONE STEP Away from creating the Life of Your DREAMS!

In this E-Book we set out how to achieve your ultimate goal. Now you may have a completely different goal in mind but for Jacques & me, our ultimate goal was to be able to travel the globe…

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Jacques and I knew right from the start of our relationship that we wanted to live a life most people only ever dream about. We wanted time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom. 

How can this take you from
Static to Nomadic?

Learn the exact steps we took to become Digital Nomads, we will teach you all you need to know.

Understanding the Digital Nomad Mindset & How to Plan your Digital Nomad Lifestyle.

How to start travelling the world & what to expect from the Digital Nomad Lifestyle.

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